Radio Play 

So grateful to receive more radio play from Seamonster Radio. Woo hoo. I just came back from Japan and there is a lot in the fire. :) Let's do this!


You can always tell how strong someone is by their actions. Are they building others up or are they tearing others down? Are their words of love or are their words cruel and harsh?  I have observed and experienced both types.  I am always happy to be around my fellow artists, because we are usually uplifting.

Finally, the new EP is available 

We worked on it very hard. I am grateful to have a cool songwriting partner to keep momentum going. 

I went back to New York, NY to record it. I had some delicious lobster rolls from Luke's Lobster Rolls. They were delicious. The city was as effervescent with culture as it always was. 

Aline Vida sings the National Anthem at Seattle's Key Arena 

This was a positive experience. Another female singer who I have respect for as far as her vocal ability referred me for this. I do not know her that well as a person, but she has an admirable work ethic from what I have observed. Her name is Megan Wild. So, I have to thank her for this recommendation. Seattle U's staff is the epitome of professionalism. On the horizon, is the mixing and

Radio Interview KSVR 91.7 

Hello, Monday, January 11,2016. I had the pleasure of being a guest on 91.7 KSVR in Mount Vernon, WA. The show is called Love Train and it is hosted by Stanley Drummer. It was about an hour away from Seattle. He interviewed me and brought me down memory lane. I had fun. He is a fun host. I look forward to the future.


This year. I made my first US song placement on the tv show Justified. I received my first royalty check for a US placement and moved officially to Seattle proper. I performed at El Corazon, at Hempfest,at Seattle University, and on Critical Sun Radio. I would be a liar if I said I never missed NYC, because there are times when I miss it a lot. I was able to go back and record more music and got

Blood Moon Orchestra 

This is an improvised jam in Seattle, WA with the creme de la creme of female, musician royalty. Blood Moon Orchestra- Melissa Montalto- Keys-Vox/ Kathy Moore- Guitar/ Heather Thomas- Drums- Vox/ Dhara Goradia- Bass/ Katrina Kope- Keys-Vox/ Michelle Searle - Vox/ Guest- Aline Vida- Vox @ the Seamonster Lounge #alinevida #Kathy Moore #MelissaMontalto #KatrinaKope #DhoriaGoradia #MichelleSearle

One of the songs "Secrets and Lies" from my album was placed on the TV show "Justified" 

This song was co-written by my songwriting partner, Warren Grant. Hard work is definitely apart of anything work having.I have been singing and writing songs for as long as I can remember. We have been working for a very long time and it is great to placed on a popular TV show such as this. There is always more work to do. This is not the end of the line but a great start to the new year. This

Alina Vida Full KSER Interview 

I am grateful to have performed and been interview on 90.7 KSER interview. Herman Brown of Wheedle's Groove on guitar. It was very introspective. The gig at Craving Cajun has been canceled. I will update the events/gigs page with a replacement. Keep on the up and up. Don't allow anyone to make you hold you head down. Haters will hate. You have to keep it moving and keep your eyes on the