Driftin' Inn ft Aline & Wes (hosted by Ronnie Carrier)

McMenamin's White Eagle Saloon & Hotel, 836 N. Russell St., Portland

On the second Saturday of every month, in a hotel full of comers and goers, songwriter Ronnie Carrier hosts both touring and local acts for the Driftin' Inn (presented by Local Roots Music NW at The White Eagle). The showcase has featured acts hailing from Hawaii, Minnesota, Seattle, California, New York, and more.

This month, we welcome Seattle based soul/rock duo Aline & Wes!

About Aline & Wes:

Aline & Wes are a Seattle based soulful-rock duo with impassioned vocals, thought provoking lyrics, and unique perspectives.

www.alineandwes.com https://alineandwes.bandcamp.com/album/lavender-lemonade

About Ronnie Carrier:

Known for literary lyrics, captivating melodies and a voice of humble power, Ronnie Carrier is an eclectic songwriting star rising up in the west. A skilled lyricist who creates narrative through an emotional blend of varying musical influences, Ronnie is unmatched in both style and structure. In addition to performing up and down the West Coast, Ronnie hosts her happy hour showcase Driftin’ Inn at McMenamins' White Eagle on the second Saturday of every month, which features acts from Hawaii, Minnesota, Seattle, California, New York and more.

Website: http://www.ronniecarrier.com